> Hello world! 

class Tldr(nn.Module):
    def __init__(self):
        super(Tldr, self).__init__()
        self.params = nn.ParameterDict({
        'name' : 'Niladri Shekhar Dutt',
        'education' : 'UC Berkeley, SRM University (Chennai)',
        'is a' : 'Researcher, Developer, Hacker',
        'researched at' : 'Nvidia, CITRIS Policy Lab, UC Berkeley, IIT Kharagpur',
        'research interests' : 'fairness in machine learning, deep learning, computer vision'
        'loves to' : 'hack, binge watch, listen to alternative rock',
        'speaks' : 'English, Bengali, Hindi, German (kinda)',
        'travelled to' : 'USA, England, Taiwan, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Kenya, India',
        'can be found on' : 'Instagram, Twitter, Github, LinkedIn',
        'interests' : 'technology, music, reading, guitar',

I'm fascinated by AI and I like building architectures that exhibit “intelligence” and deploy novel models to solve real world problems. My research interests lie in the field of Deep Learning and its applications in Computer Vision and NLP, and fairness in Machine Learning.

When I don't code </>, I write snippets.


Click here to see my research and places I've worked at.


  • Delivered a talk at PyCon Taiwan'19 on ‘Probabilistic Programming using TensorFlow Probability’
  • Won the ‘Best Social Hack’ at LA Hacks 2019 hosted by UCLA (Major League HAcking)
  • Won the 2nd Runners-up award at San Francisco (SF) Hacks 2019 (Major League Hacking)
  • Won the ‘Best Utility Hack’ at DeveloperWeek Hackathon 2019 (America's largest challenge driven hackathon)


University of California, Berkeley

Visiting Student (Jan 2019 - June 2019)

SRM University

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (July 2016 - Present)